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Things to Look for In Crusher Parts

Things to Look for In Crusher Parts

Because of all the heavy-duty compression they do, crusher parts break down very frequently. They require regular replacement and crushing companies have spare parts and suppliers at all times. But if you’re looking for replacement considerations, here’s what you should focus on:

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To the untrained eye, it might be hard to figure out if a particular part is incompatible with a crusher or not. In reality, the smallest of disparity between parts can cause inefficiencies, if not major issues. Parts that are too big for the crusher to support can stop working altogether.

On the flip side, smaller parts may not be able to support themselves, exerting the workload on others to cause wear and tear on them. It’s very common for crushing companies to run into huge losses from using incompatible parts.


Crusher parts manufacturers produce various SKUs of a particular product with many variations. Over time, these products also go through many revisions, coming up with simplified designs. Ideally, you’d want to go with the latest version with the most improvements. But it’s also necessary to educate yourself about the appropriate model for your needs.

Going with a design that’s new but not built to support your crusher is also a mistake. A good supplier will also educate you on these factors.


A common mistake made during crusher parts replacement is the incompatibility of materials. While many parts may look identical in terms of their appearance and luster, how they perform during operations and withstand the various pressures can vary significantly. At the very least, there will be more wear and tear or damage at a faster rate when these incompatible parts are operating together.

The worst-case scenario could be disastrous, causing multiple parts to snap and break off. Ensure that you’re acquiring material from a reliable vendor that pays attention to the properties of their materials.

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