Optimum Crush is committed to creating strong partnerships with mines across the globe. Part of that commitment is offering a free liner analysis. This analysis can help identify inefficiencies and provide sound data with recommendations to optimize the performance of your crushers.

This means less down time and longer run times. To get started simply fill out the form below and our Account Team will get a call scheduled to learn more.

Why get a FREE Liner Analysis:

  • Optimize your current crusher output
  • Reduce production down time
  • It’s FREE ($15,000 value)
  • Our engineers are industry pro’s and know your machines in and out.
  • We come to you and will efficiently measure and analyze your machine and provide a full report.

To receive a free liner analysis, you must fill out an application form and meet minimum standards. All analysis testing must be done by our team on site. During COVID-19 related travel restrictions we can only perform these in the US and Canada. As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will resume international requests.

The analysis process involves looking at the current design of your crusher and we focus on the parts with the goal being to increase the liner life. We will examine the castings in new and worn condition and make recommendations on how to increase the life of the parts based on how they wear and sync up. We will use laser scanners to measure parts/equipment, analyze the new and worn liner profiles, identify inefficiencies and then develop and optimize the design to reach project goals.

Our recommendations will be based on the goals to increase liner life, decrease plant shutdowns, increase annual production, decrease operational costs, and reduce annual material costs. This will come with 2D image profiles (sketch) with recommended changes as well as a cost/value analysis and proposal to execute the recommendations.

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