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All You Need To Know About Cone Crushers

All You Need To Know About Cone Crushers

Cone crushers are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of crushing equipment available for quarries and mining operations. These machines often play an integral role in the delivery of aggregate products in the marketplace. Cone crushers are specialized pieces of equipment, with many manufacturers offering several high-quality options.

Understanding crushing equipment

These popular machines are well-used pieces of equipment in the aggregate and mining industries. The pieces of this equipment are massive and can seem intimidating but arent too difficult to understand. 

Crushing equipment is used to refine a raw material into something thats of a more manageable size. Once a company has collected or mined its raw materials, they have to be broken down into smaller forms that share a closer resemblance to the final product. Theyre usually the first step in the industrys refining process.

Cone crushers are a popular type of rock crusher, with only a few moving parts making up a relatively simple machine. Their easy maintenance and sturdiness make them a popular choice for coal mining, aggregate, concrete, and frac industries.

How does it work?

The material that needs to be crushed is known as the feed, which drops into a crushing chamber at the top of the cone crusher through a large, circular opening. The mantle inside the crusher gyrates eccentrically inside the machine, swinging lightly as it rotates, which provides continuous alterations for the gap between the concave and mantle. 

The fixed ring outside of the mantle is known as a concave, with materials getting crushed against it with each swing of the mantle. Stones are then further broken down by getting crushed against each other in a phenomenon known as interparticle crushing. 

Benefits of using cone crushers

Cone crushers provide a slew of benefits to any industry that theyre being used in. Theyre often put to use due to their:

  • High crushing ratio
  • Production efficiency
  • Low levels of required maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiency

While the initial cost of the machine may be high, it has a rather long lifespan that allows costs to be absorbed over time. They also require fewer parts to keep the machine running, meaning that there are fewer costs for replacements over time.

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